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Woman left furious with husband after her Gucci bag present turns out to be fake

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A new mom was mortified when she found out a Gucci bag her husband gave her as a push present was fake.

The woman shared her dilemma on Reddit, feeling she handled it well but disagreed with by her husband.

She took to the AITA Reddit thread, to explain her husband normally gave her expensive gifts, even though she had asked him to ease up on big purchases.

She said: “Over the years, I would tell him that he doesn’t have to keep buying me expensive gifts bc we both have expenses such as a mortgage and other bills. I also gift him expensive presents that I save up to buy him.”

But the real issue arose when he gave her a ‘Gucci bag’ after she gave birth.

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When she confronted her husband about it, he initially claimed it was from the Gucci store but later admitted it was purchased from eBay at a “good deal.”

She said: “I quickly told him the bag was fake and that he should try and get his money back.

“He angrily said he was offended and that ebay authenticated the bag and how dare I call the bag fake. I showed him the pictures and he just even more mad and called me ungrateful.”

She asked the forum is she was in the wrong.

Despite some commenters suggesting she should have dropped the issue after the first confrontation, most supported her for being concerned about her husband getting scammed and not just focusing on receiving an authentic bag.

“You were obviously more worried about your husband getting ripped off than you were about receiving an authentic bag. Hopefully, your husband will calm down and see you are simply concerned, not ungrateful,” one wrote.

The woman expressed gratitude for her supporters and indicated she would be fine if her husband received a refund without replacing the bag.

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