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‘Virtually silent’ fan that blasts cold air is perfect for sleeping in a heatwave

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Most homes in the UK are not fitted with aircon so they can quickly start to become stuffy if you don’t have a fan. Struggling to sleep during the hot weather, Amazon shoppers are snapping up a ‘very effective’ tower fan that is currently on sale. The Dreo Silent Tower Fan has been compared to pricier alternatives and has been knocked down from £99.99 to £76.49. That makes it more than £320 cheaper than this Dyson Tower Fan that is on sale for £399.99. 

The Dreo fan is equipped with a powerful motor and a unique air-duct that effectively distributed airflow around the room, keeping the entire space cool not just one area. It has six speeds, Normal, Natural, and Sleep, plus an auto mode that automatically changes the power of the air depending on the temperature, allowing your room to always stay pleasant. 

Unlike some models, it isn’t tricky to navigate and even the tech beginners amongst us should find it a breeze to use. The fan has a large LED display that is easy to read and you can access all settings through a remote control so you don’t even have to get up. Once the fan is set to sleep mode, the LED display will turn off automatically after 20 seconds, allowing a restful night’s snooze. 

Described as ‘powerful’, ‘less noisy’ and ‘sleek’, it has racked up top reviews on Amazon from more than 20,000 users. A key factor shoppers are pleased with is how silent it is. One person said: “This fan is quiet – like being in a library. Perfect for a bedroom setting. Virtually silent and the cold air draught does not disturb your sleep. Can easily be left on all night. Looks good too.” 

Another wrote: “I bought this after gasping at the price of the Dyson bladeless fans. This thing is incredible. The blast of cold air it wafts about is bliss in hot weather. It rotates to cover a room if you want it to. The lower settings are fantastic if you have it blasting on you alone and on top settings, you goosebump up pretty quick! In a house that turns into an oven during the summer, with no air con, and no air flow, even with all the windows open, this was a true lifesaver. I work from home, and I can just start to melt if it’s hot.” 

However, one customer said ‘the base is a bit fiddly to construct, but it’s good once you figure it out’ and someone else added, ‘only minus if I am a bit picky the base is a bit awkward to assemble.’ 

Elsewhere, Dunelm’s Black And Decker 36″ Smart Tower Fan is £79. If you have a smaller space, they also stock this Igenix 12″ Mini Tower Fan with 8H Timer that is £28. Shoppers say it is ‘small, compact and almost noiseless’. 

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