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This ‘brilliant’ garden hack will ensure even plant watering

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The way you are watering your plants could cause more harm than good.

Overwatering your plants can cause the roots to rot, killing your plant. Plants that don’t get enough water will have drooping yellow leaves, eventually drying out.

There’s a way to make sure your plants get just the right amount of water. TikToker @joesgarden shared a surefire method to watering your potted plants, and it doesn’t include using a watering can.

“Containers are a great way to grow crops if you’re renting or only have limited space, but be careful when you’re watering your pots from the top,” he said.


The soil may seem saturated, but it could possibly be bone dry the deeper you go down.

Instead, fill up a large bowl or bucket with water, and place your plant, including the pot, inside.

Make sure it has drainage holes in the bottom, as the soil will absorb the water it needs, leaving what it doesn’t need. That will give the plant an even drink all the way through.

For larger containers, you can bury a smaller pot in the middle of the soil. It will still absorb the water as needed.

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In the comments, some were thankful for the helpful tip.

“No wonder my sunflower died halfway. Gonna start new one!” one person wrote.

Another said: “That smaller pot is a brilliant idea. Thanks!”

Others shared an alternative method that uses a watering can.

“If this isn’t an option, watering in rounds also helps with this. Just wait a few [minutes] between rounds.”

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