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Tesco workers share ‘most ridiculous’ complaints they’ve ever received

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Tesco staff have revealed some of the most bizarre customer complaints they’ve encountered.

Hundreds of employees flocked to Reddit to divulge their strangest experiences, from a shopper who burnt her chicken and blamed the store, to parents who dispatched their children to buy booze for them.

One employee said: “Woman came in kicking off because I didn’t let her 14-year-old buy the bottle of wine that she sent him to the shop to buy. Even the manager couldn’t keep a straight face when talking to her about it.”

Another added: “Was verbally abused or asking for ID, by a woman (who had her kids present) because she didn’t have her ID on her, despite complaining that she keeps getting ID asked for. She knew she should’ve had it on her if she was going to try and buy alcohol.”

There were even claims of customers accusing staff of lying about stock. One employee revealed: “Guy asked for coconut water, told him we didn’t have any available, can’t remember why, and he goes ‘is that true or do you just not want to get it for me? ‘ The bloody cheek.”

Another staff member said: “I wouldn’t call it ridiculous but I’m surprised how many people send back eggs from their home deliveries just because the shell is white.”

Some customers went as far as to accuse staff of tampering with produce – and became rowdy in the process. Another staff member added: “We once had a bloke screaming in the shop and threatening us because he was convinced we’d watered down his mouthwash.”

Possibly the strangest encounter came when a woman attempted to return a chicken to the store, despite admitting it was “burnt it in the oven” at her own home.

So next time you pop into your local Tesco for your weekly haul, spare a moment to consider what the staff may have tolerated that day.

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