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Tesco displays new Clubcard signs after Lidl row

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Tesco has rolled out fresh Clubcard signage following a spat with Lidl, yet customers have spotted a “glitch”.

The UK’s leading retailer was instructed to abandon its recognisable blue and yellow Clubcard promotional signs after Lidl initiated legal proceedings, setting a May 21 deadline for the change. Tesco has now disclosed the appearance of its new in-store signage.

On its official Instagram account, Tesco showcased the updated sign, which includes a yellow rectangle. Additionally, it displays the phrase “The power to lower prices”, positioned above a blue rectangle that states: “Clubcard prices”, all set against a white backdrop.

The supermarket shared the update with the caption: “Our new #ClubcardPrices logo just got a glow up.”

Tesco invited Instagram followers to “swipe to see how they got there”, presenting alternative designs it had contemplated, including a blue and yellow semi-circle, a yellow hexagon, a blue circle on a yellow base, and a pink circle on a lilac background.

Nonetheless, customers were swift to identify a “problem” with the new signs with some worrying they now resembled Minions, the beloved yellow and blue characters from a popular children’s film.

One commenter joked: “Hope the minions don’t try and sue you now.”

Another echoed the sentiment: “You’re gonna be sued by Minions now! ” While a third chimed in, dubbing it a “Minion logo”.

Many Tesco customers had expressed their preference for other suggested logo designs, with one user stating, “That doesn’t seem like a logo at all, the other suggestions were better.”

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has issued Tesco with a formal warning after ruling that its Clubcard Prices logo looks too similar to the logo of competitor Lidl.

In response to the ruling, a Tesco spokesperson said: “Our customers always tell us just how important Clubcard Prices are to giving them great value and it’s been a key reason why we’re consistently the cheapest full-line grocer.

“We are disappointed with the judgment relating to the colour and shape of the Clubcard Prices logo but would like to reassure customers that it will in no way impact our Clubcard Prices programme.

“Clubcard Prices, irrespective of its logo, will continue to play a central role in rewarding our Clubcard members with thousands of deals every week.”

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