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Tea fans take blind taste test to find best cuppa and ‘blown away’ by results

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The post started with: “Yes this is what I’ve got up to on a dull Tuesday night to really spice things up.”

They had then taken a tea bag from each box and muddled up the order.

In the tea brands, they included: Twinings English Breakfast, Ty-Phoo, Yorkshire Tea, Tetley, ASDA Essentials Tea, and PG Tips.

The pair took a picture of each box to help them remember which was which in the rankings.

They continued: “We naturally thought the best-tasting tea was PG tips but were blown away at the reveal.

“We ranked them as follows:

“ASDA brand

“Yorkshire Tea


“PG Tips



“When we saw the top-ranked tea was ASDA, and that we placed PG in 4th (was a little obnoxiously bitter) couldn’t believe it.”

The user then admitted she only guessed that Ty-Phoo would come last in the rankings with the colour being “something you’d find dripping through the drain of a washing machine.”


Despite, the scathing review, they also said that all the other teas were a “nice gold.”

The post continued: “I feel like I’m questioning everything, and we realised our opinions of teas are coloured less by their taste, and more by our pre-conceptions (except for Ty-phoo, an absolute pover-tea).

“But yes now we have 100s of tea bags to get through so will have to find a suitable home for some.”

The ranking saw people take to the comment section of the thread with one person writing: “Could some brands require more or less time to brew? Particularly with the overly bitter or insipid ones?

“Regardless, fascinating work and good job.”

But it turns out the tea taste test can help you save some money as one user shared: “My wife (a non tea drinker) made me do this, and I couldn’t tell the difference between Tetley and Tesco basics. So now I get basics and save a good few quid each time.”

A third said: “We made the mistake (or maybe not) of trying Rington’s Gold tea. We no longer buy anything else and have started buying it in 400 bag boxes (catering size).

“Definitely worth picking some up to add to your experiment.”

Another commented: “I knew Yorkshire Tea would be up there because i reckon I’m the best TEA CONNOISSEUR.”

And finally, someone added: “Asda being top is a surprise, but anyone would be a fool for thinking PG tips is better than Yorkshire.”

Has this taste test swayed your next purchase?

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