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Shania Twain in tears after Glastonbury set as she admits she ‘needs validation’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

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Country pop legend Shania Twain’s Glastonbury set was marred by technical issues that affected the sound, leaving some fans disappointed by her Pyramid Stage debut. Meanwhile, Shania had also felt frustrated as “logistics” had prevented her from making a grand entrance on a live horse.

However, tears of emotion shone in her eyes as she admitted that she’d been “welcomed” warmly by British fans. She admitted to Jo Whiley, who was leading the coverage for the BBC, that the “responsible side” of her had prevented her from trying any stunts that were potentially dangerous.

“I wanted so badly to come in on a real horse but the logistics were difficult,” she explained, adding that she’d opted for a “theatrical horse act” instead. However, Jo – whose voice had returned after she’d sounded uncomfortably hoarse on Saturday – reassured her: “It was a fabulous entrance.”

She added: “It couldn’t have been more fabulous if it was a real horse!” An encouraged Shania continued: “I feel welcome! For me as a performer I need validation!

“I do it for the fans and they need to leave happy [but] they welcomed me and they responded really well and it was a fabulous experience!” Seeming heartened by Jo’s praise, the 58-year-old – whose extraordinarily youthful looks mean she could pass for a woman half her age – added that she’d be heading off for a “party, champagne, food and some country chatter”.

She declared to her BBC host: “You can get me some chatter and some French fries!”

Then she corrected: “You call them chips – I do as well. if you can get me some vinegar and chips, I’ll be fine!”

The songstress, who is originally from Windsor in the Canadian state of Ontario, looked sensational during her country-pop set, donning a rhinestone studded black cowboy hat and matching cowboy boots.

She also donned a pair of long satin gloves, looking as glamorous as she had done in her leopard print-clad music video for her 1997 classic ‘That Don’t Impress Me Much’.

The iconic track has appeared in every single tour Shania has done in the past 27 years – but some fans felt the sound quality at Glastonbury was something that didn’t impress them much either.

Blaming the behind-the-scenes crew, some called for the songstress to be “rescued” and asked: “What is going on with the sound for Shania Twain?! She’s really struggling. This is absolutely dreadful.”

Another Twitter user agreed: “The sound at Glastonbury has been terrible on BBC, Cyndi [Lauper] yesterday and now Shania?”

However, one Twitter user scolded: “Anyone saying bad things about Shania needs to wind their neck in. The queen performed. After seeing her last year in London she can still give it her all #Glastonbury.”

Anyone who didn’t catch the festival this year will have to grab tickets for 2025 or wait until 2027, as organisers have just announced that the 2026 edition has been called off.

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