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Sarah Jessica Parker praises London Underground and says she wants to ‘know all of it’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

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Stageyrebecca wrote on X: “Well I wouldn’t want to be the person that Sarah Jessica Parker told off during Plaza Suite at The Savoy this evening.”

The post quickly garnered a lot of attention from X users requesting more information from the witness, who shared further painful details.

In response to all the attention, Stageyrebecca commented: “Bloody hell, a lot of interest. She dropped talking, pointed a finger and politely said put your camera down please to someone in the stalls… literally I’d go into hiding indefinitely.”

The consensus seemed to be that Parker handled the situation correctly. One person said: “Why didn’t people seated near the person say something? I always do.”

Another added, “I certainly don’t blame her. People are always pulling their phones out at shows and concerts distracting the performances and other audience members.”

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