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Remove brown spots from toilet bowl by squirting ‘holy grail’ product in bowl

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Toilet bowls can be tough to clean when brown spots that are difficult to eradicate start to build up.

A woman who runs a Yorkshire-based cleaning company, The Clean Up Company, shared the answer to a question she said she gets asked “so much.” She detailed how to get rid of tough brown marks inside a toilet bowl.

In a social media upload, she told viewers: “So if you’ve got any marks like that in your toilet that you can’t get rid of, what you’re going to do is you’re going to get yourself a bottle of Harpic Black.” She advised getting a bottle of Harpic Power Plus MAX 10 Actions Original Powerful Toilet Cleaner.

The cleaning expert instructed that before you go to bed at night, put the product in your toilet and all around the edges, then leave it to sit overnight.

The professional cleaner said “the longer the better.” “If you leave it to sit for a couple of hours it’s not going to fully work, so it needs to be left overnight,” she advised.

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People left cleaning suggestions in the comments section too. One person suggested another product, writing: “They do black Harpic tablets as well!”

Another person wrote: “White vinegar overnight. Scrub with glove on.”

And giving some more details about the hack, another helpful person wrote: “Pump water out with toilet brush, use Harpic, leave for a couple hours, use toilet brush to clean. Caused mostly by hard water, do it one to two times a week.”

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