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Reddit user asks how to keep your shower cleaner for longer

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Keeping on top of housework requires a lot of time and effort. So if you’re like us and want to find out some cleaning hacks which can cut some corners then you’ve come to the right place.

One user has asked for advice on the online forum site Reddit in keeping their shower clean.

In a thread titled: “Any way to keep the shower clean longer between cleanings?”

The post stated: “I hate cleaning the shower more than almost anything. I let mine go for far too long and will now have to do a deep clean to hopefully remove soap scum and hard water stains and lighten grout, etc.

“Once I get the shower back to a serviceable place – are there any tips or tricks to prolong the time between cleanings? I have heard using a squeegee on the walls after a shower can help – usually, I’m scrambling for time in the morning when I shower, but maybe I can build this habit in.

“Are there any types of soaps or shampoos that result in less soap scum build up? Is there anything I can do about hard water staining, other than remediating the water system? My shower is grey porcelain tile and light grey grout with chrome hardware and a glass door (no natural stone).

“Way too much grout and small tiles on the floor, so that will not be fun to clean, lol.

“If you have any ideas that can keep the shower cleaner longer between deep cleaning jobs, I’d love it. Thanks so much in advance for your tips and tricks!”

People took to the thread to share their cleaning thoughts and suggestions, with one person writing: “RainX on the glass after you clean. Maintain with a squeegee.”

Another shared a natural solution and said: “You can mix vinegar and dawn dish soap in one of those kitchen sponges that dispense dish soap. Keep that in the shower, just pick one wall a shower to scrub while you let your conditioner soak in.”

A third commented: “I have a removable shower head and rinse the shower off before I get out. This helps a lot!”

One user added: “I was just gifted a between shower spray from Method. Apparently, you just spray after using the shower and leave it. So far it seems to keep things shiny and it smells good!”

Finally, a person said: “A squeegee definitely helps keep my shower clean. My house is over 100 years old and everything is out of level, including the shower.

“Water doesn’t drain the way it’s supposed to so the squeegee is mandatory in my shower just to keep the water that puddles up in one corner from just sitting there and never draining. A side effect of regular squeegee use is practically never having to scrub my shower!”

Do you have any cleaning tips for keeping a shower cleaner for longer? Let us know in the comments.

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