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Queen share intimate Freddie Mercury tributes from live shows with Brian May | Music | Entertainment

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Since Freddie Mercury’s death in 1991, the singer has continued to remain in the hearts and minds of the band in every Queen show.

The penultimate episode of Queen the Greatest Live dives into two specific tributes to the rock icon in their live concerts

As shared by the band: “First, we join a Queen and Adam Lambert show from 2020, as the band treat the Fire Fight Australia benefit concert to a recreation of their legendary setlist at 1985’s Live Aid.

“Naturally, this includes the famous ‘Ay-Oh’ call and response – but the feverish reaction at Sydney’s ANZ Stadium reveals that nobody expected to see Freddie appear on the video screens and lead the vocal acrobatics.”

Queen added: “Next, in a second moment of inspired audio-visual trickery from 2022, guitarist Brian May takes to the b-stage at London’s O2 Arena for the traditional acoustic section – to be joined by his old comrade for a poignant rendition of Love Of My Life.

“As the song concludes, Brian and Freddie hold out a hand to each other, before the frontman fades from view – but never to be forgotten.”

The final episode of Queen the Greatest live lands on the band’s official YouTube channel at midday on Friday.

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