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Prince Harry shows signs of ‘nerves’ in Nigeria as he’s ‘still processing’ UK visit

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“You can see Harry and Meghan engaging in strong eye contact, with Harry looking at Meghan in a very adoring expression. It tells us how powerful their connection is and how head over heels in love Harry is to this day.”

Meghan’s presence has a relaxing effect on Harry, as she carries herself with elegance, Darren said. Her ease with public speaking comes across as very natural.

“She carried herself with strength and elegance, as she could speak to anyone. It’s very natural when Meghan attends these visits as people warm to her easily. There were no signals of tension or apprehension from Meghan, which suggests she’s in a great place right now.”

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Harry also appears to be in his element, having genuine fun in Nigeria.

“Harry came across as quite animated during the tour. At one point, he was pictured holding his hands about his head as he had fun and really let go. These are all genuine from Harry and he really appeared in his element.

“Having Meghan by his side makes him happy as she brings out a great side to him. She puts him at ease and makes him feel more confident than ever. While Harry is used to attending engagements alone, he comes across as very relaxed when joined by Meghan.”

His recent return to the UK for the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games likely left him with some emotional turmoil. Darren said there were some instances of apprehension from him, when he would try to hide his nerves.

“Considering Harry has just been in the UK without seeing his family, I did pick up a few signals of apprehension from him. There were instances where he was trying to hide his nervous smiles when he wasn’t looking directly at Meghan. It appears that he is still processing his visit to the UK and there’s no doubt it would have stirred up a few emotions internally for Harry.”

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