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Popular ‘wrinkle-busting’ serum four times more powerful than a moisturiser

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Finding a skincare regime perfect for your skin is the key to clearer, brighter and even younger-looking skin. Instead of adding a ton of different lotions and potions to your morning and evening routine, trying one product at a time could make the biggest difference.

Beauty buffs are heading more towards a multi-functional product these days to get their skin summer-ready, and serums are still a top contender for those looking for a quick fix with a huge impact.

Nivea’s Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Expert Dual Action Serum (30ml), costing £18, is the product of the moment, and with a one-serum-does-it-all reputation, it’s flying off Amazon’s virtual shelves. 

Its clinically proven formula claims to be four times more potent than just using a day cream alone, and with a hefty concentration of pure Q10 – an essential antioxidant that plays an important role in giving youthful-looking skin by supporting collagen and elastin production – 91% of users in a test conducted by the brand noted a visible reduction in deep wrinkles, while a whopping 97% said their skin looked smoother immediately.

With results visible within two weeks, Amazon shoppers are saving a huge amount of money while being able to completely streamline their skincare steps. And at £18, this little bottle of goodness will go a long way- the great thing about a serum is they really do last with needing just a couple of drops each day.

One reviewer gave the serum a glowing five stars and wrote: “There is nothing not to like about this serum, my skin feels fresh and radiant, and it layers nicely underneath my daily moisturiser. It glides on smoothly, and believe me, a little goes a long long way here, so you are getting value for money! I love this serum, my skin feels rejuvenated, leaving it feeling hydrated and soft immediately after application, unlike similar counterparts that have the opposite effect.”

A second said: “I have had positive experiences with Nivea products in the past but I have not heard of Q10 before.
This advertises as an ideal base for makeup so I have been washing my face and applying this in the mornings followed by my makeup. The dropper makes it really easy to use, I know that only a couple of drops are required and I squeeze it straight on top of my cheekbones and rub in. It glides across the skin and absorbs quickly, I do feel that my skin looks visibly more hydrated, especially around my eyes.”

That said, some shoppers disliked that the serum was perfumed. One wrote: “I like this serum a lot but I’m knocking 1 star off for the fact that it contains perfume. There is no good reason for the inclusion of perfume. I’m just waiting to see if my skin to starts to react to as it has done to other perfumed products in the past.”

You can buy Nivea’s Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Serum at Amazon for £18. If you want to combine the serum with a moisturiser – recommended if you have a dry skin type – it’s best to pair it with Nivea’s Q10 Power Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Face Cream, £12.98, to get the double Q10 benefits. If you’re shopping around for other brands, there’s the Clinique’s Moisture Surge 100H Auto-Replenishing Hydrator, £20.80 which is currently reduced from £26) to give a try.

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