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‘New couple on my road scream about parking – they’re antisocial’

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It’s always a worry when new people move onto your street, as they could potentially disrupt the peace.

Neighbours from hell are the last thing that you want on your road, but they’re exactly what one peaceful street got when people known for “antisocial behaviour” moved into their “friendly rural village”.

The woman took to Mumsnet to explain a dramatic turn of events on her road, giving some backstory. She wrote: “Houses 1-5 are privately owned ex council houses, 6-14 are bungalows, a couple privately owned but most are still owned by the local authority.

“Earlier this year, the resident of no6 died and for the first time in about 8 years we have a new couple living here, they moved in four weeks ago. They have no visible disabilities or a blue badge that suggests they need specific parking.”

However, this did not stop them from causing a scene about parking on the road.

The woman shared that it had been a “nightmare” with parking since they moved in, sharing: “The estate has a car park without marked spaces or allocated parking but can hold, if everyone parked sensibly, about 22-25 cars.”

She explained the complications of parking on the street, but she said: “We’ve all lived here a while and tend to park in the same places, without too much grumbling.”

The woman said people don’t get “precious” about guests parking, explaining: “Only house 5 really needs to park outside their house as the lady is disabled, but has never needed to get it marked as such, because we all just take it as being her space.”

However, the new residents kept parking where others knew not to, and when they were confronted, it descended into chaos. “On the weekend, there was a big commotion in the street and when I looked out of my window, the new people were screaming at the residents of 4+5 that one of them has scraped their car”, she wrote.

She explained that the new couple dealt with the situation in an “awful” way, “swearing at everyone saying they had every right to park where they wanted”, saying that they were going to “knock the lights out” of whoever damaged their car.

The day after, the woman was approached by her neighbours, asking her to report the “threatening” behaviour to the council, claiming that “the new people have been moved into the estate from a neighbouring village where they were evicted for antisocial behaviour and robbing from the old people”.

She ended her post saying: “Are we being unreasonable to report them so much after they’ve been living here such a short space of time?”

In the comments, one wrote: “You’re way overthinking it. They’re aggressive and threatening, support your neighbours in getting rid of them.”

Another shared: “Yes technically everyone can park where they like but you’ve had a nice peaceful friendly community and the new people have disrupted the cohesion”.

Someone else fumed: “They’ve clearly started how they mean to go on so if you don’t do something now, they’re just going to get worse.”

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