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My neighbour painted my fence pink without asking to match their house – and looks awful

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A man has been left fuming after his neighbour painted his fence to match their bright pink house. He shared how a young couple moved in next door and have been gradually making changes to their home.

He’s had no issues with them so far, describing them as friendly and usually keeping to themselves. But this changed when they began painting his fence without asking him first.

On Reddit, he wrote: “About a week ago they started painting the fence between our properties. I know the fence is on my property so they had no right to paint it.

“I wasn’t sure if I should say or do anything. At first I thought maybe it wasn’t such a big deal. They were only painting the side facing their lot.

“But then, they painted their house pink. The rest of the houses in this neighbourhood are regular colours – grey, white, tan. It looks terrible.” Upset, the man confronted them to let them know that the fence they’d just painted is actually his – and he wants it “fixed”.

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