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‘My family is p***** after I went to dinner topless – but I was just feeding my baby’

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A 28-year-old mother from Germany recently shared her story online about coming to dinner “essentially topless,” sparking an uproar among her in-laws.

The woman shared her dilemma on the popular Reddit channel “Am I the A*****?” (AITA) where people can anonymously ask the internet whether they are in the right or wrong in a given situation.

The young mom, who had recently given birth and was breastfeeding her three-month-old baby, sought advice from the online community about her controversial actions.

The post detailed the challenges she faced during her in-laws’ month-long visit after childbirth.

The mother explained that she usually nursed her baby on the couch but, due to the extended family’s presence, she opted to go to her bedroom after nursing to avoid any disruptions during mealtime.

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The climax of the story occurred when, after being summoned to dinner in her bedroom, the woman arrived at the table exactly as she was – topless, with half a bra, and her baby nursing.

The unexpected move caused an immediate uproar, with the mother-in-law allegedly expressing shock and disapproval, stating that the woman was indecent, especially in the presence of men.

The online community, however, largely sided with the breastfeeding mother.

Redditors commended her for standing up for herself, expressing frustration at her husband for not fully supporting her. One comment humorously suggested a potential book titled “How to Handle Useless Husbands,” indicating the collective sentiment among users.

The woman herself acknowledged that her actions may have been extreme but highlighted the positive outcome – her mother-in-law refraining from further interruptions during baby-related activities.

While her husband scolded her for the public display, the Reddit community applauded her for finding a solution to the ongoing issue.

In the end, the consensus from AITA participants seemed to be that the breastfeeding mother was not the a****** in this situation.

The incident sparked a broader discussion on the challenges faced by new mothers and the need for understanding and support from family members.

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