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Meghan Markle suffers ’embarrassing’ wardrobe malfunction in £2,700 designer dress | Royal | News

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One user said on X: “Seriously?! Wow , embarrassing. (sic)”

Another one added: “I am not a fan of M’s behavior but I think it is more a zipper problem than a hole. Maybe she did not notice it was not zipped all the way up, or it rolled down because it was too tight.(sic)”

A third user commented: “Nooooo did she not check it before she put it on? A quick stitch would of fixed that.(sic)”

Another one agreed: “The shirt is split it the seam.(sic)”

Lastly, a fourth user wrote: “Oh my!!!”

During the visit, Meghan read three of her favourite books to the youngsters – Rosie the Riveter, Pete the Cat, and I Saw a Cat.

She also helped them with STEAM activities connected to each book.

In a video which surfaced online yesterday, the mum-of-two can be seen greeting a group of young children as they gather to hear her read them stories.

After the storytelling session, the duchess hugged and spoke to the children as well as members of staff and took pictures with them.

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