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Marvel fans in tears as Sony make ‘major blunder’ in Tom Hardy Venom 3 trailer | Films | Entertainment

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The first trailer for Venom: The Last Dance launched today and Marvel fans are in tears on social media over what they see as a major continuity blunder.

At the end of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock was transported by his symbiote to the MCU’s Earth-616.

There Venom spotted Tom Holland’s Peter Parker on the TV, around the events of Spider-Man No Way Home.

In the end credits of that movie, Eddie was drinking at a bar in Mexico before being transported back to his universe but leaving behind a piece of the symbiote.

This would suggest that someone else in the MCU will become Venom in a future Holland Spider-Man movie. However, the Venom 3 trailer has complicated things.

During the footage, Chiwetel Ejiofor’s character locates the piece of symbiote on the bar in Mexico, with the barman from the No Way Home end credits standing next to him.

This is very confusing because surely that scene should be taking place in the MCU and not Venom’s universe.

Fans took to X expressing their frustration and the apparent lack of continuity with crying emojis.

One fan called Petrichor02 wrote on Reddit: “Not including the ‘Sony doesn’t pay attention to the series lore so this scene is just going to have to be viewed as non-canon’ option, I think we have three possibilities”

They continued: “1. This scene is set in the MCU, but most of the movie will be set in the SSU. We’re just seeing the scene in the movie to set up Venom for Secret Wars or Beyond the Spider-Verse/Venom is able to see what’s happening to this offspring of itself because of the multiversal hivemind, and it’s allowing us to get a feel for Chiwetel’s character by introducing us to his variant first.

“2. When Venom returned to the SSU, he found himself in another bar tended by the NWH bartender’s variant, he left another piece of himself behind, and this whole scene takes place in the SSU.

“3. This is another Morbius situation. Sony has put some Spider-Man connective tissue in the trailer to draw in Spider-Man fans, but the scene won’t be in the final movie. After all the Morbius backlash, I think 3 is the least likely option, but it’s definitely still possible. I guess I’m expecting option 2 to be what we end up going with though.”

Venom: The Last Dance hits cinemas on October 25, 2024.

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