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Martin Lewis shares ‘cheaper’ alternatives to using tumble dryer as Brits cut | Personal Finance | Finance

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Martin Lewis, the consumer guru, has offered much-needed advice on how Brits can cut costs and dry their clothes quickly without resorting to expensive tumble dryers.

In his Martin Lewis podcast, he warned that the high-running costs of tumble dryers make them a “demon” appliance. With food prices and energy bills rising, people across the UK could do with some practical tips to save money.

According to Ideal Home, running a 9kg vented tumble dryer would cost a hefty £1.54 per cycle, or £184.44 annually. A 9kg condenser model fares only a little better at £1.51 per cycle, or £178.93 per year. On the other hand, a heat pump model is considerably cheaper at about 63p per cycle or £75.11 per year.

However, the Mirror reports that many households may already be catching on, with only 11 percent regularly using their tumble dryer despite 53 percent owning one. The study by Churchill reveals that 38 percent are using their machine less than a year ago, and an astonishing seven admit they’ve never used their dryer at all.

In light of these numbers, and considering the possible savings, Martin’s advice might be worth following. He suggests “drying your clothes on an airer outside first to shorten the amount of time you’re using the tumble dryer or avoid using it completely”.

He said: “Those who have dehumidifiers, that can take some of the moisture out of it and it’s less wattage than a tumble dryer, so it can be more effective.” The money expert also suggests using reflective panels behind radiators.

He went on to say: “Sheets of reflective material can be placed behind radiators. Crucially this is on external wall radiators so the heat doesn’t escape.” These are put between the back of a radiator and the wall, and they function by reflecting any heat that would normally be lost through the wall back into the room.

According to Low-E Insulation, about 50 percent of the heat radiated from a radiator aims at the wall and approximately 25 percent of it is lost through the wall. “Tin foil can work if you don’t want to pay for those, but it doesn’t work quite as well,” Martin added.

Radiator reflector foil can be snapped up for just £2.99 from Amazon or £4.99 from Trade-Mart. On the topic of other methods to cut costs, Martin suggested: “Check your TV is on a low energy setting too and walk around your house to be a draught detective. Spot any draughts as you walk around your house and then try and block them up.”

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