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Johnny Depp fans convinced Pirates star reprised Jack Sparrow at Disneyland | Films | Entertainment

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Seven years on since the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie and fans are ever hopeful that Johnny Depp will reprise Captain Jack Sparrow in a new movie.

Back in 2017 when Dead Men Tell No Tales (Salazar’s Revenge in the UK) hit cinemas, the Hollywood star promoted the movie by dressing up as his swashbuckler at Disneyland.

Depp stood among the mannequins on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride that inspired the blockbuster movie series and jumped out at fans going by in boats.

Now Captain Jack has been spotted at Disneyland and some fans are convinced the 60-year-old is secretly playing the part again.

However, there is more than meets the eye in the recently captured footage.

The YouTube video claims Depp is playing Sparrow at Disneyland when if you look and listen it carefully it’s actually a regular theme park cast member.

The extremely good lookalike chats with kids before drunkenly walking off in character.

One of the top comments read: “Okay, that is a really good Jack Sparrow. Unfortunately, it’s probably not Johnny Depp. But he really is good.”

Another added: “That’s the best Captain Jack since Johnny Depp. He looks so much like him. Sounds and acts like him too!”

And one said: “This is one of the best Capt Jack that I have seen. He definitely sounds like Johnny and has his mannerisms.”

Nevertheless, here’s hoping Depp signs on for more Pirates of the Caribbean sooner rather than later.

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