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‘I’ve never been physically attracted to my wife…’

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“I married someone who embodied qualities I had not found in anyone else before,” Marc shared to Reddit. “She has a huge heart and is extremely clever.”

Marc confessed: “Unfortunately, I don’t find her physically attractive, which has put a strain on our marriage since the beginning.”

Having previously had an unfulfilling relationship with an extremely physically attractive ex partner, Marc thought he would do things differently this time.

“I had thought the physical attraction would come later and since looks don’t last, this would surely be a good decision,” Marc explained.

“My wife is not unpleasant to look at, but she is a bit overweight and plain looking,” Marc revealed on the real life story forum.

“I know I’m a total ass to even think about her this way, much less type it out.”

Marc stated: “I wanted to marry her because of who she was, not what she looked like.”

While Marc admitted she has the ability to arouse him in that way, it’s “not the same as attraction”.

His wife wouldn’t know it, but Marc desires frequent sexual interactions on a weekly basis.

However, it’s his wife, and not him, that has to imitate physical intimacy.

“To this day, I may have initiated s*x once or twice in our whole marriage,” said Marc, who has been married for six years.

“I think our yearly average is less than five times having s*x and we did not at all last year.”

Marc is aware this creates a “vicious cycle” in his marriage where he is unintentionally “hurting her and making her feel insecure and doubting her worth”.

He admitted: “I want to view her as the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

“I want my loins to burn with passion when we’re alone. I don’t know how to get to that point… I’m not sure where to turn at this point.”

Marc added: “I feel like a horrible person for thinking like this, but I have made my wife feel so much worse than I could ever imagine.”

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