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Itsu dumplings sold in Sainsbury’s and Asda recalled over plastic fears

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Itsu Sizzling Pork Gyoza, which are sold in Sainsbury’s and Asda, are being recalled due to a potential plastic contamination.

The Food Standards Agency has issued a recall warning for the frozen “Itsu Sizzling Pork Gyoza”, expressing concerns over the “possible presence of plastic” rendering them unfit for consumption.

It is reported that the affected products are 240g, carry a barcode of 5060262485743 and have a best-before date of March 8, 2025.

No other Itsu groceries or best-before dates are impacted by this recall.

The packs, which contain a dozen pork-stuffed gyozas that require three-and-a-half minutes of cooking time, are typically sold for £4.25 at supermarkets.

Customers who have purchased these products are advised to dispose of them, and email a photograph of the item’s best-before date found on the packet’s reverse side to

Alternatively, they could write to itsu (grocery), Partnership House, Carlisle Place, London, SW1P 1BX.

For additional information on the recall, customers can reach Itsu’s customer service line on 0333 224 9510, reports the Mirror.

In a statement, Itsu said: “We apologise for any inconvenience caused and would like to thank you in advance for your understanding and co-operation.”

Products can be recalled for a variety of reasons, including safety concerns if the product poses risks to the customer or quality issues when the product isn’t functioning as expected.

The Food Standards Agency is responsible for issuing alerts when there’s an issue with a food product.

The product can either be “withdrawn”, meaning it’s removed from the shelves, or “recalled”, which involves customers being asked to return it.

Food products must be recalled if they’re found to be contaminated with pathogens that could lead to food poisoning, or if plastic or metal has been discovered in the product due to manufacturing errors.

Additionally, food items need to be recalled if any allergen information is missing or incorrect.

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