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How to open bottle without opener using thing we all have | Weird | News

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Opening a bottle can be tricky business if you don’t have the right tools to hand, or so you thought.

It turns out, you’ve probably been doing the simple task wrong for years, as you don’t actually need an opener to carry out the task. Thanks to a viral video on TikTok a much simpler method has been revealed.

When you’re quenching for thirst and are desperate to open a bottle, all you need is a door. It may seem bonkers, but the trick seems to work.

In the clip, you see user sleepykrogan place the top of the bottle on the ridge of a door hinge to take the lid off. Both speedy and genius.

Thousands of people have been left stunned by the hack, and they simply can’t believe they’d never heard of it before. Who knew lifting the lid could be so simple?

One person said: “You just saved me friend.” Another wrote: “OMG this worked. I wasn’t expecting it to, but was gonna try anything.”

A third replied: “I can’t thank you enough.” Meanwhile, a fourth chimed in with: “This is the only hack I’ve looked up and was successful immediately. Thanks because I was about to throw it at something.”

The only snag is, some people warned to be careful of spillage. You need to be cautious when trying out the trick if you have carpets. Aside from this, most people seem to be loving the hack.

Another said: “It does work, but it’s messy.” Another claimed: “I’ve been trying to open this glass bottle for hours. Popped right out when I tried this. Thank you.”

A third chirped in with: “Tried this and it really works. Life saver – thanks girl.”

So, there you have it, after years of suffering – it turns out you don’t need a bottle opener, so there’s no need to carry one around on your keyring.

Whether you’re having a cold pint in the house, or heading to a BBQ, all you need is a door to pop off the lid.

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