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How to make your towels come out ‘bright, white, and fluffy every single time’

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It’s possible to keep your white towels looking bright and pristine with some additions to your laundry load.

By adding these extra elements to your laundry, your towels are also set to be soft and fluffy.

Content creator Elnaz Hamai, who shares Amazon finds, home hacks, organization, and cleaning tips on social media, has shared how she makes white towels particularly bright and soft.

Detailing instructions for keeping your towels extra white and fluffy, in a video uploaded to TikTok, Hamai said: “With only a few ingredients, you can have white, bright, fluffy towels.”

She explained that baking soda is a natural brightening agent, which can help brighten your towels and remove any lingering odors.

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The laundry-savvy woman also likes to add a teaspoon of tea tree essential oil. Wash the towels on a warm or hot cycle.

Your towels will come out “bright white and fluffy every single time,” the TikTok creator said.

In the comments of Hamai’s social media video, people were very grateful for her tip, with loads of them ready to ready to try it out.

And one person shared that they typically use “cleaning vinegar” when doing their laundry, in lieu of regular vinegar.

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