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How to keep the bottom of socks clean using simple lifestyle change

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Over time the bottom of your socks can get a bit grubby. You may feel like you’ve given it your best try, but there are some methods you can use to get the underside of your socks squeaky clean. Some of them will only take a quick switch up in your routine.

Taking to social media and advice platform Reddit, an individual experiencing the same problem wanted to know how they could keep the bottom of their socks clean.

They wrote: “After doing laundry, I expect my socks to be soft and clean-looking on the bottom, but they always turn out rough and dirty-looking, especially on white socks.

“I own a lot of white socks and love them, but how do I fix this?”

People left various helpful suggestions, ranging from cleaning tips to lifestyle changes.

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Another person wanted to know: “Do you use hot water wash? Bleach is great but will hasten the deterioration of fibers, probably can’t be used for certain delicate fabrics as well.

“I always wash underwear, socks, and gym clothes in hot water for sanitary reasons and I find they stay looking newer for longer.

“Incidentally do you or others you live with wear shoes in the house? If so, that could be why your socks are getting black on the bottom in the first place.”

Another person said: “To fix this problem you must first start at the root. It’s a simple fix really keep your white socks at the back of your drawer and wear them never. Purchase black socks to wear and the problem is fixed forever.”

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