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How Princess Kate and Meghan Markle keep Princess Diana’s memory alive | Royal | News

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The blue sapphire engagement ring

Probably one of Diana’s most famous pieces of jewellery, the engagement ring features a 12-carat Ceylon sapphire, originating from Sri Lanka which is framed by 14 round-cut diamonds

The sapphire is said to be a deep, royal blue, of AAAA quality, making it amongst the most valuable of its kind.

Mr Asaad said: “Its design resembles Queen Victoria’s sapphire brooch, creating a sense of historical continuity.”

Earring sets

Both Meghan and Kate have worn various sets of earrings previously worn by the late Princess of Wales.

These include the sapphire and diamond double-drop earrings, the sapphire and diamond single-stud earrings and the Collingwood pearl and diamond earrings

According to the experts, the double-drop sapphire earrings were a wedding gift to Diana from the Crown Prince Fahd of Saudi Arabia.

Kate has worn them many times, including during a Christmas walkabout in 2023.

The aquamarine ring

Meghan Markle famously wore two rings on her wedding day. The first was a wedding band made of Welsh gold, and the second was Diana’s aquamarine ring.

The duchess was snapped wearing the dazzling piece of jewellery during the wedding reception at Frogmore House, and later during a royal tour of Tonga.

Mr Asaad added: “Diana also owned a matching bracelet, but it’s not known who inherited it.”

The diamond bracelet

Diana’s diamond bracelet was worn by Meghan when she and Harry spoke to Oprah in 2021.

Some of its stones were used in the creation of Meghan’s engagement ring.

According to the jewellery expert, Meghan also wore the bracelet when she attended the Salute to Freedom Gala in New York City.

Special occasions

There were many other occasions when the two royal women donned Diana’s jewellery.

The Princess of Wales wore Diana’s pearl necklace for the late Queen’s funeral, whereas at King Charles’s Scottish Coronation, she wore Diana’s Japanese four-chain pearl necklace and the Collingwood pearl earrings.

Meghan wore Diana’s gold butterfly earrings in Australia, for her first public appearance after announcing her pregnancy.

Mr Asaad concluded: “These stunning accessories have enhanced the natural beauty of these three women during significant occasions while allowing Kate and Meghan to honour the memory of their husbands’ mother. They evoke a sense of history, majesty, and precious memories.”

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