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Hopefully, this new PARAMOUNT logo won’t stick around for long

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If you didn’t know Paramount Global is set to merge with Skydance, then the logo included in their recent investor presentation would like to share an important update. Under its traditional mountain and stars, it shouts PARAMOUNT, using the all-caps styling and arched text of the Skydance logo instead of a more gently whispered Paramount.

It’s… not good. But, like the very bad Warner Bros. Discovery logo that appeared in 2021 when their merger was announced but disappeared by the time the deal closed a year later, it’s unlikely this is the final version of whatever redesign Paramount might cook up. If and when the deal gets done, the logo at that time probably won’t look like some poor shmoe had to jam out a quick synergistic symbol twenty minutes before an investor presentation.

Paramount’s quick symbolic redesign is a clear nod to the Skydance logo.
Images: Paramount / Skydance

The graphic announcing Warner Bros. Discovery’s new name (left) was bad, but the eventual logo (right) was more sensible.
Images: Warner Bros. Discovery

The Disney Plus logo didn’t survive the Hulu transition.
Images: Disney

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been seeing some version of Paramount’s logo in front of films for four decades. Movies that I bonded over with people I cherished or escaped into when life was too hard to deal with. Those images end up tied to that logo screen, then both to whatever sentimental experience I had watching them. It’s like visual comfort food.

The original Paramount logo.
Image: Paramount

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