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Hayfever sufferers with sore eyes call £8 cream a ‘godsend’

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Hayfever season is upon us and that can mean runny noses and itchy eyes for many people, especially if you’re outside more often in the sunny weather.

Sufferers have found a solution to alleviate their allergies. Enter: the Balmonds Skin Salvation that’s “working wonders”. Several shoppers claim it helped banish redness and relieve irritated skin.

The £8 award-winning cream has been dubbed as “a little tub of magic” and drug-free alternative by customers who swear by it for many different reasons.

Made rich in naturally anti-inflammatory herbs such as chamomile, calendula and chickweed, but the brand’s hero ingredient is super-nutritious organic hemp seed oil which supports skin cell regeneration and repair. The beeswax protects against moisture loss and acts as a natural antimicrobial, helping to keep skin healthy.

A woman called Skin Salvation an “amazing find” after using it as she explained: “I have had eczema since I was a baby (I’m now 38) and my eyes have always been problematic. After using steroid creams I decided to come off them as they do more harm than good in the long-term.

“I’ve tried so many different balms, lotions and creams and nothing worked until I found this. Absolutely incredible!”

A second chimed in: “Pure gold. I started to get really dry eye lids. I tried the usual creams and they worked a little but I still found my eyes going dry again and becoming really itchy. I started using Balmonds and it lasts the whole day with no irritation.”

“I tried everything to heal sudden allergies and flares including a steroid cream. Balmonds skin salvation has been a godsend! Within a few days of using it my skin became hydrated and less sensitive. It stopped me going back and forth to the dermatologist’s office,” a third echoed.

The Skin Salvation is available to buy online with an option of 30ml, 60ml and 120ml. A pocket-size 30ml tub costs £7.99 but Balmonds is currently offering “buy one get one free” when you purchase the 60ml size, which is £13.99.

A woman shared her progress after using the cream on her neck for three months. The large red mark faded and the discoloration nearly disappeared. Another person showed a major improvement on her face, particularly around her eyes – the swelling and redness around the undereye areas and on her eyelids were gone.

But not all shoppers were happy with the results as one detailed: “I recently started getting very dry, ezcema like, eyelids and patches of dryness. I bought this balm and loved it. Really helped calm it down, only the dryness not the redness. However I’m just getting to the end of the tub and my eyes have never been worse.”

Alternatively, Epimax Eyelid Ointment-A Soothing Moisturiser also treats dry, itchy, red and flaky eyelids and it’s available to buy from Amazon for £9.99. Some reviewers claim it worked a treat without leaving a greasy feeling.

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