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Hair stylist shares ‘simple act’ to make you look younger

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Many people wonder how to look younger by changing their skincare routine or health habits, but few people think about their .

Colouring greys is the most obvious remedy for anyone who doesn’t like the natural locks that come with age, but Gustav Fouche, a London-based celebrity hairstylist, suggested that it’s not the only option.

Despite what many ‘experts’ claim, Gustav told “There isn’t a single hairstyle that guarantees a youthful appearance for women.

“Rather, it depends on various factors like hair quality, face shape, and how well the style complements their features.

“A hairstyle may be great in itself, but if it doesn’t suit the face shape, it can actually detract from the overall look.”

The hairstylist continued: “Hairstyles need to enhance one’s features and complement their skin tone, which a skilled stylist can help achieve. Adhering to these guidelines can result in a younger and more radiant appearance.”

That said, Gustav claimed that there are a few styles that will quickly distract from grey hairs, or even conceal them completely for those lucky enough to only have a few.

He warned: “When dealing with grey hair, it’s crucial to avoid plucking it out, as this can result in thinner and weaker regrowth over time. A common example of this is the trend in the 90s where over-tweezing eyebrows led to sparse growth. Opting for hairstyles featuring curls or varied textures can effectively divert attention from any greys, offering a quick and stylish solution.

“Additionally, styling your hair to part where there are fewer greys, or putting it up into a bun, chignon, or ponytail can help gather the hair together, making greys less noticeable.”

According to Gustav, accessories like hair clips or headbands can also be used to draw attention away from any visible greys.

He claimed that incorporating braids or twists into your hairstyle can further aid in concealing greys by “seamlessly weaving them into the rest of your hair”.

One of the easiest instant fixes for a more youthful appearance, according to Gustav, is for women to “expose their ears when possible as these are the ornaments of youth”.

This simple act can instantly brighten the face, as seen frequently on celebrities at red-carpet events, said the hairstylist.

He added: “Revealing the ears opens up the cheekbone area, elongates the neck, and overall creates a more youthful look, making it a valuable and straightforward technique.”

For women who do want to colour their hair but need instant results, temporary dyes are a useful option.

Gustave elaborated: “There are no quick ways of banishing grey hair unless of course using colour. You don’t have to use a permanent colour, you can use a colour spray from off the shelf which will last until you next wash your hair, a wash-in colour dye or a semi-permanent colour which will softly fade over time.

“That is the most gentle thing I would recommend if you don’t like greys. I also recommend speaking to your stylist to advise on the right colour match, as if you get this wrong, it can be costly to correct.”

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