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Genius cleaning method means you only have to dust your home once a month

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A dusty household not only detracts from the appearance of your furniture and surfaces, but it can also result in negative health effects like respiratory issues, asthma, allergies, and potential lead poisoning if the dust is contaminated with lead particles.

Mary Futher (@madamesweat) revealed her easy dusting formula in a video that went viral on Instagram.

She said: “Here’s a tactic, but you only have to dust your home once a month. [You] wanna mix in a spray bottle vinegar and water. Then you add olive oil.

“That actually helps the dust. Greatest mixture. Where you get dust, you’ll find that you only have to dust once a month.”

The cleaning expert recommended adding a few drops of your preferred essential oil into the solution for a touch of luxury.

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Another said: “I have been using this recipe for almost 8 years now and it works beautifully.

“I don’t see dust settling until entering the fourth week or so. I have never put an essential oil in the mixture it may be time to add some to the next batch.”

An additional individual said: “Once a month?!? No-no-no twice weekly for me. The dust may be repelled but it goes somewhere and unfortunately not out the window!”

And someone else chimed in: “My mom used vinegar and olive oil for decades on her wood furniture.”

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