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Freddie Mercury and John Deacon Queen hidden gem set for special format release | Music | Entertainment

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It’s been over four decades since Queen released their experimental and funky Hot Space album.

And now one of its hidden gem B-sides is due to be launched as a single for the very first time. 

The limited edition 7-inch pink vinyl of Cool Cat is set to go on sale for Record Store Day on April 20.

The 1982 track written and performed solely by Freddie Mercury and John Deacon will also come with a previously unheard instrumental version on the B side.

The two Queen legends penned the upbeat song together as a track that originally featured David Bowie on the backing vocals.

What’s particularly unique about the recording is that Deacon plays every instrument on Cool Cat. That’s apart from Freddie accompanying the bassist on the electric piano and singing in an extraordinary falsetto throughout, further highlighting his incredible vocal range.

Fan demand for the song, which is one of just four Queen tracks never performed live by the band, has surged recently following its use in an extremely popular new Amazon ad directed by Olivia Wilde, which has amassed over 25 million YouTube views.

The 30-second short called Tache follows a young girl in her bedroom listening to Cool Cat on Amazon Music, as she worries about some unwanted facial hair on her top lip. But as she listens to Freddie’s vocals and watches a bobblehead of the Queen singer sporting his iconic moustache, the girl is suddenly inspired by the song to celebrate her uniqueness and individualism just like the late star himself.

After ordering a similar yellow jacket to the one made famous by the rock god at the band’s legendary 1986 Wembley Arena concert, she heads into school dressed up like Freddie, dancing and bopping along to Cool Cat.

For more information on Record Store Day, click here.

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