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Flight attendant’s tip to avoid creased clothes without ironing | Travel News | Travel

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Travelling can be great fun but the amount of space you have in your bag is limited — you can’t pack everything from home and take it with you.

But when travelling is your job, you spend the majority of the time away from home. It makes it difficult to keep up appearances despite it being a vital part of your job while donning the airline’s uniform.

That’s why one flight attendant has revealed her tips and tricks to combat some of the inconveniences that come with packing your life into a compacted suitcase.

The KLM Royal Dutch Airlines staff member shared hacks for everything from combatting jetlag to avoiding nuisance creases in clothing when you don’t have an iron.

She even advised fans in the caption to: “Be sure to check out the last hack if you need help with seat selections!”

In a video, which has gained more than 4,700 likes, she was seen carrying them to the bathroom before folding them over the radiator. Over the top of the clip, she said: “Need to press your clothes without an iron?

“The steam from your hot shower makes de-wrinkling quick and easy.” However, wrinkling may only be part of the issues being caused by your suitcase.

Tightly packing your clothing in one place can stop your clothes from feeling as fresh as they were when they were first packed. She said: “Putting a dryer sheet between each layer of clothing keeps them fresh!”

Another hack advised TikTok viewers on was how they can avoid jetlag after a long flight. Jetlag is tiredness and confusion after a long flight across different time zones because your body’s internal clock is out of sync with the new time.

To combat this, she advised “adjusting your sleep schedule” and making sure that you have an alarm set for local time.

Her fourth hack ensured that you never accidentally pick up someone else’s bag by mistake again. She claims you can easily identify your bag with a colourful belt.

She was seen fastening a rainbow one around her bag, which made it easier to pick out from the conveyor belt of similar-looking luggage. Finally, she offered fans a way to avoid being seated near screaming infants.

“It’s best not to book bulkhead seats if you don’t want to sit close to babies,” she wrote. Bulkhead seating refers to the seats that are immediately behind the walls of an aeroplane that separate different areas, like first class from the standard seating.

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