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Expert reveals simple hair trick to help women look 10 years younger – ‘works wonders’

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A hair expert has shared a simple trick that could help women look 10 years younger by making a small change.

Ruby Jo Lomax, founder of hair education centre RJL Education, said cutting your hair short and adding a fringe can “work wonders” as the right hair can bring unbelievable results.

She told GB News: “How you choose to style your hair can either add years to your look or instantly rejuvenate it, so it’s crucial to determine what complements your individual features.”

The hair expert shared that a woman’s haircut can be transformative, but she offered some advice to ensure you get it right.

She said: “Before committing to your next haircut, gain an understanding of your face shape.

“A style that enhances your face structure will do much more for you than simply following the latest trend.

“In general, shorter hairstyles give more of a youthful look. Consider a shoulder-length bob or a pixie cut, as these cuts draw attention upwards and will accentuate the best parts of your face.

“Adding a fringe can also work wonders, as it creates the illusion of a shorter more rounded face, which gives an overall more youthful appearance.

“But if you would like to keep your hair over shoulder length, incorporating face-framing layers and soft waves into your cut will give it more softness and texture.”

She also suggested that trying out new hair colour is another way in which women can revamp their look and take years off their age. However, one needs to be careful while selecting the shade.

The expert said: “When it comes to choosing a hair colour, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

“Different hair shades complement different skin tones, so it’s important to factor in both your skin tone and its undertones and pick a hair colour that suits these.

“Typically, vibrant natural shades of blonde and brown match warmer skin tones, whereas, cool skin tones are best matched with hair colours like platinum, and dark or ash browns.

“Not sure what tone you are? If you have blue or purple-looking veins on your forearms then it’s likely that you have cooler undertones, but if you see more green, then you’re warm-toned. This can help you decide which complimentary hair colour to go for.”

For those who want to give themselves a more youthful look but don’t want to dye all of their hair, there are other more low-maintenance options out there.

Ruby advised: “If you don’t want to stick to one colour but instead make your hairstyle less one-dimensional, highlights, baby lights or balayage are excellent for adding movement and reflecting light.

“This takes away from some of the features you don’t want to bring attention to and adds vibrancy to your overall look.”

The expert added: “All in all, each cut and colour is going to do different things for every one of us. Choosing a hairstyle that best suits you, will make you look younger and more importantly feel more confident, which will give you that youthful glow you’re after.”

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