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Elton John snubs major fashion label after years of wearing brand as he hits 77 | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

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Sir Elton John has apparently stopped wearing clothes from Gucci, a brand he used to love. He did this after his friend Alessandro Michele left the company.

Elton often wore Gucci clothes and even asked Alessandro to design the costumes for his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour.

But since Alessandro left Gucci in 2022 and Elton’s tour ended in July, the singer has stopped wearing the brand.

At their annual Oscars party, Elton and his husband David Furnish didn’t wear Gucci. Instead, they wore suits from rival brand Versace.

The label of the brand was clearly visible on both of their jacket sleeves. Donatella Versace, who is the chief creative officer of Versace, was also a guest of honour at the party.

On the red carpet, David said: “We’re wearing Versace as Donatella makes beautiful clothes that make you feel good.”

Elton was very sad when Alessandro left Gucci. There were rumours that there was a disagreement about the future of the company which caused a problem between Alessandro and Marco Bizzarri, who was the CEO of Gucci at the time and made Alessandro the creative director in 2015.

Elton said about Alessandro leaving: “He is my dear friend and inspiration. Whatever he does next, I will be there for him because I love and adore him.”

One insider claimed: “Elton and David were very close to Alessandro and were shocked when he left.

“It’s no surprise their relationship with Gucci isn’t what it was.”

But a person with close links to Elton dismissed claims of a rift between him and Gucci.

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