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Cheapest day of the week to do your weekly food shop

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The average Brit makes over 200 shopping trips to the supermarket each year and spends over £4,200, according to BritSuperstore

While this expenditure is not entirely avoidable, there are some general tips that you could follow to knock some pounds off your bill.

Owner of online supermarket Britsuperstore and money-saving expert Richard Price has shared his tips on the best days and times to do your weekly shop to save some cash.

The best days to shop

On Mondays, stores reduce the prices of products with a shorter shelf life so that they can be quickly sold before the weekend rush. So shopping on a Monday to get cheap perishables and baked goods is a great way to start the week.

Some stores have deals and discounts that start on Tuesday, so checking with your store to get discounted rates on pantry essentials could go a long way.

Similarly, Wednesdays and Thursdays are equally good days to hit the supermarket, as a lot of deals and discounts are released around this time. 

Avoid weekends and holidays

The weekend rush at supermarkets should be avoided. The queues are longer, the store is busier and the aisles are not always restocked. Weekends, particularly Saturdays, tend to be the busiest days for stores.

The best time to shop

Go shopping early morning or late evening to get the best prices. It is around this time that stores start marking down products nearing expiry, to avoid wastage. This is a good time to get your hands on refrigerated precooked foods and baked goods. 

Store apps, loyalty programs and coupons 

Most stores have loyalty programs that offer discounted rates to members. While the difference in price might seem insignificant, the money you save goes a long way if you’re a regular at the store. These loyalty programs keep track of how much you spend at the store through their mobile apps, which also notify you about special deals.

Keeping a general eye out for coupons on gift cards, magazines and newspapers is also a great way to score some cheap produce.

Prep your meals and buy in bulk

Always plan your meals for the week and make a shopping list before you visit the supermarket.

If there are non-perishables on your list, like flour or pasta, buying them in bulk ends up being more cost-effective than buying just enough to last the week.

Mr Price added: “The best day of the week and time to do your weekly food shop to save money can vary depending on the store’s specific policies, promotions and your location.”

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