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Cadbury’s ‘eyebrow kid’ unrecognisable 15 years after advert | Weird | News

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It’s been 15 years since an adorable boy and girl first graced our screens with their eyebrow dance in the iconic Cadbury‘s chocolate advert.

The memorable commercial, which captured hearts when it aired in 2009, is etched in the minds of many. The minute-long clip saw co-stars Bradley Ford and Georgia Wake wiggle their brows to the catchy tune of “Don’t Stop the Rock” by Freestyle.

Bradley was 11 years old when he became an overnight sensation. Now 26, he’s proven on TikTok that his eyebrow-wiggling prowess hasn’t waned. Posting as the_eyebrow_kid, Bradley recently showed his signature move hasn’t lost its charm.

But fans were more amazed by how different Bradley looks now he’s all grown up. He may be sporting a similar haircut, but the shirt and tie he sported in the advert are long gone, with the one-time TV star now opting for sportswear.

Bradley now uses his platform to recreate the eyebrow dance that made him famous as well as updating fans about his life.

His recreation of the eyebrow dance earned him thousands of likes among nostalgic fans. Even chocolate maker Cadbury was quick to comment on the clip, writing: “All these years later and you have still got it!”

Another user suggested: “You need to find the girl and do a collab.”

A third user responded: “Cadbury 100% needs to do a remake of this ad.” Meanwhile, a fourth also chimed in: “The way I thought this was edited or something. Omg brilliant.”

The iconic advert was created to promote the brand’s Dairy Milk chocolate, and it centred around two children and their ability to make their eyebrows dance. In the commercial, Bradley and Georgia are seen against a grey backdrop in a photographer’s studio, rapidly moving their eyebrows.

It quickly became one of the most unforgettable of all time, and fans are clearly eager for its return. Perhaps Bradley’s viral videos might spark a revival, as so many people have called for a comeback in the comments.

“Eyebrows” is one of those adverts that truly takes you on a trip down memory lane. Many people remember it as if it were on their screens just yesterday, and it’s hard to believe just how much time has gone by since.

Adverts may change, but it’s fair to say Bradley’s eyebrows will never stop dancing.

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