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Brits share UK specific conspiracies – ‘Pat Butcher is alive and works in Aldi’

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However in a Reddit thread titled: ‘What’s a UK-specific conspiracy that you believe in?’ users have shared which ones they accept as true.
And some of them are quite specific, with one person starting the post: “I’m convinced that Nicholas Lyndhurst actually did sing the Only Fools & Horses theme song, no matter what John Sullivan says. What’s yours?”

A second joked: “Pat Butcher is alive and well and working in my local Aldi.”

Another commented: “That big cats roam the countryside. I’ve seen one driving home late one night. It was a cool experience. And no….it wasn’t a fox or a dog it was a cat around the size of labrador.”

To which one person jokingly replied: “Well obviously yeah, it would need to be at least that size to be able to see over the steering wheel.”

A fourth said: “You shouldn’t drink the water out of the taps at school because it comes from the roof and there is a dead pigeon up there.”

One user proposed: “Yorkshire puddings were developed by big pharma to keep us fat and unhealthy so they could sell more drugs.”

Another simply quipped: “Neil Buchanan is Banksy.”

A user suggested: “Bob Holness definitely played the saxophone solo on “Baker Street”. The claim that it was actually performed by Hugh Burns is a lie perpetuated by Milton Bradley, to deflect attention away from the fact that they never paid David Bowie for inventing Connect Four.”

One person got all political: “The real reason Westminster doesn’t want to let Scotland go is because the overwhelming majority of the UK’s fresh water is there.

Right now it’s not an issue, as elsewhere gets enough without needing redistribution, but within the next century it’ll be critical.”

And finally, someone added: “That Yorkshire tea is not grown in Yorkshire.”

To which a user quipped back: “Take that back. It’s like tea used to be. Grown in a coal mine.”

Do you have any specific UK conspiracy theories?

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