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Aldi supermarket shares why cashiers scan your food shop so quickly at checkouts

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The German discount supermarket has become extremely popular in recent years, with Britons on the hunt for bargains.

However, some people may be put off visiting Aldi and Lidl due to how fast their cashiers scan items, not to mention how small their checkout areas are.

In fact, Aldi previously said their tills are 40 percent quicker than those of rivals such as Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s.

A spokesperson for the discount supermarket previously explained the reason behind this is that staff are “encouraged to be as efficient as possible which helps us to keep prices low for our customers”.

They added: “Our employees are trained to operate the checkout at the appropriate pace for each individual they serve.”

The food items in the supermarket have multiple barcodes around them, meaning the scanning can be done at a much quicker pace.

On canned foods and small packets, the barcode goes almost right the way around, compared to a small one on the back of items in other shops.

This makes it easier for the cashier to simply roll the item across the scanner to guarantee the code will be picked up.

Aldi and Lidl also have noticeably small checkout areas, where it is almost impossible to pack goods away nicely.

However, this is also to speed up the checkout time, with shelves at the end of the checkout area where shoppers can pack their goods.

Despite food prices rising in recent years, Aldi remains one of the cheapest supermarkets, with Which? comparing food prices in various retailers.

Which? found the discount chain to be the cheapest supermarket every single month since the start of 2024, comparing baskets and trolleys of food from various food stores.

The latest research showed that throughout April, Aldi was a huge £31.21 cheaper than the most expensive supermarket, Waitrose, for an equivalent list of shopping items.

It also found Aldi to be £14.08 cheaper than Asda and £18.12 cheaper than Sainsbury’s.

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi UK, said: “We are as committed as ever to maintaining our position as the UK’s cheapest supermarket, while still offering outstanding quality products to our customers.

“Last month we announced that we’d invested £125m in price cuts so far in 2024, further demonstrating that we’ll continue to do whatever it takes to keep grocery prices as low as possible for the millions of customers that shop with us.”

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