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Adele breaks fans’ hearts with album announcement after working on new music | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

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She continued: “But I do remember it being the most exciting sort of period of my life because I just finished the British equivalent of senior year and I started getting loads of messages on MySpace.

“That’s how I got my break. So the day I finished senior year, I started getting instant messages on MySpace. I got them from Virgin Records and from XL Recordings. Now obviously I went on to sign with XL Recordings, but Virgin blew my mind because the Spice Girls were signed, but they didn’t want me enough.

“And XL ended up hitting me. There actually wasn’t a bidding war or anything, which is crazy because it is funny. But anyway, I’m not saying I deserved it.”

The singer added: “It was just basically what I’m trying to say to you is I couldn’t believe my f***ing luck. I was like, oh my God. And I enjoyed it so much and I couldn’t believe it. And I certainly never, ever thought that I would be standing here 16 years later in Vegas being able to do whatever I want in my career.”

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