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Aaron Taylor-Johnson Bond casting: ‘Racist’ backlash 007 boycott as former Bonds speak out | Films | Entertainment

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Amid reports that Aaron Taylor-Johnson has already been offered the role of James Bond by the franchise producers at EON, a shocking personal backlash against the actor sparked demands for the next film to be boycotted.

An insider claimed: “Bond is Aaron’s job, should he wish to accept it. The formal offer is on the table and they are waiting to hear back. As far as EON is concerned, Aaron is going to sign his contract in the coming days and they can start preparing for the big announcement.”

The star, who is married to artist and film-maker Sam Taylor-Wood, may have the enthusiastic backing of two former 007s, but has just come under aggressive fire for his ethnicity.

As soon as No Time To Die revealed that it was actually time for Daniel Craig’s secret agent to shuffle off the screen (in millions of tiny exploding pieces), rampant speculation started about who would take over.

Henry Cavill and James Norton had been duking it out as former favourites Idris Elba and Tom Hiddleston faded away, but over the past 12 months, Aaron Taylor-Johnson has emerged as the firm front-runner.

Last week, an exclusive report in The Sun announced that the role was his for the taking. UK bookies were quick to act with Coral’s John Hill telling Express Online: “We have pulled the plug on our next James Bond betting to let the dust settle. If reports are to be believed, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who has been our favourite for the last 12 months, could be set to replace Daniel Craig.”

Hopes were boosted by ringing endorsements from two of the elite club who have played the role themselves.

Pierce Brosnan told The Ray D’Arcy Show on RTÉ Radio 1: “I think the man has the chops and the talent and the charisma to play Bond, very much so. I read the news about his possibilities of being a Bond so I would definitely tip my hat to the fellow. Be bold, go out there and have a great time. Just love it, just go for it. He can do it.”

And TMZ in the US posted an exclusive attributed to George Lazenby, who believes Taylor-Johnson, “can handle the stunts, and all the ladies who love a man in a tux.” He advises the actor “to be true to himself and reinvent the role to fit him.”

Personal tastes vary, of course, but the new backlash against the 33-year-old Brit has nothing to do with his acting ability.

There had previously been a raging debate over whether the next James Bond should be played by a Black actor. However, the sudden explosion of opposition to Taylor-Johnson is based on his Jewishness.

In the past few days the hashtag #BoycottJamesBond has been widely shared on X/Twitter, rooted in reactions to the current Israel-Palestine conflict.

One angry post said: “Really bad timing with Israel committing genocide in Gaza. Shame on you. I hope your company collapses.”

Another added: “I wont buy a ticket for any of its movies. Will boycott all of it. Bunch of killers.”

As for Taylor-Johnson, some had been surprised that an actor who has always pursued indie projects interspersed with blockbusters like Godzilla and Avengers: Age of Ultron, would tie himself to such a mainstream franchise involving considerable commitment over a substantial period.

Although he is about to hit screens as the lead in Marvel’s Kraven The Hunter, part of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, the actor himself seemed to confirm Bond was not on his wish list.

He told Rolling Stone UK: “I don’t feel like I need to have a future drawn out for me. I feel like, whatever’s drawn out for me, I can f***in’ do better.”


The April/May issue of Rolling Stone UK is out now.

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