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Teeth whitening powder claims to ‘whiten in weeks’

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Shoppers are bagging themselves a dazzling celebrity-style smile for just £24.99 with a teeth whitening powder that’s got them beaming with joy.

Forget about splashing out on costly dental treatments to get that pearly white smile free of yellowing and stains; savvy shoppers have discovered MySweetSmile’s teeth whitening powder, priced at a mere £24.99, which has helped them regain confidence in their smile and a grin, they claim, that’s ‘brighter’ than that of Britain’s Got Talent judge ‘Simon Cowell’ and former football manager ‘Jurgen Klopp’ in just three weeks (whose smiles are wonderfully unmissable). 

After trialling the ‘game-changing’ teeth whitening powder – which has been proven to remove ‘all types of stains’ caused by the likes of tea, coffee, wine, food and tobacco – one elated MySweetSmile fan exclaimed: “After three weeks my teeth were whiter than Jurgen Klopp and Simon Cowell’s.

“Great stuff, get some and try it. You won’t be disappointed.”

This ‘impressive’ powder is not only celebrated for its whitening prowess but also for its gentle approach, ensuring no gum irritation or enamel damage, which is often a common issue with many peroxide-based competitors.

Its non-abrasive blend boasts key ingredients like pentasodium triphosphate, strontium chloride hexahydrate, and calcium carbonate, which not only tackle yellowing and stains but blast away plaque that may have accumulated over the years, reports the Liverpool Echo. You’ll also be safe in the knowledge that this powder has sensitive teeth in mind with strontium chloride hexahydrate being a hero product in protecting teeth and preventing sensitivity occurring. 

The product, part of the brand’s latest three-for-two deal, has been highly praised by customers who claim it has rescued their teeth stained by habits and favourite drinks likes tea and wine. Over 5,000 happy buyers on Trust Pilot have applauded the effective stain-removal and whitening of the MySweetSmile products, with many expressing surprise at how quickly their smiles were transformed.

One customer gushed: “As a smoker finding an effective whitening solution that does not strip enamel is difficult. My SweetSmile powder has been an absolute game changer for me, my stains are being removed with every use and i am not experiencing any sensitivity which is always a telltale sign of a harsh product.”

Another enthused: “Absolutely buzzing with my whitening powder from MySweetSmile! Noticed a difference after just a couple of users and the mint flavour is nice and refreshing like normal toothpaste.”

A third announced: “I genuinely used to find myself hiding my smile, particularly at family gatherings, but not anymore! Thanks to MySweetSmile’s powder, I’m confident and my teeth are shining brighter than ever. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quick whitening fix.”

Despite receiving rave reviews, some customers didn’t experience the same ‘game-changing’ results others did with the teeth whitening powder and expressed their ‘disappointment’ when they noticed no difference in the whiteness of their teeth. One said: “I’ve been using this for about 2 weeks. I still can’t see a change. A little disappointed.” 

The brand was quick to reassure customers, however, the whitening powder (which lasts six months per tub) is not a quick fix but more of a journey. It stated: “Our products are formulated for gradual improvements, often becoming more noticeable after a few weeks of regular use. This approach helps in achieving a more natural effect while tackling everyday stains.”

If you’re seeking a quick fix, the brand’s teeth whitening precision pen, priced at £19.99, and PAP whitening strips, also £19.99, work swiftly to give you a radiant smile in no time – with the pen, you only need to wait 10 minutes for results (plus it’s perfect for popping in your coat or bag for on-the-go touch-ups). As for the strips, its PAP formula works in 30 minutes.

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