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Teenager shares strategic side hustle that makes her £400 in three hours with no skills | Personal Finance | Finance

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A 19-year-old has shared the lowdown on how she earns £400 within a mere three hours through her uncomplicated side hustle.

TikTok content creator Grace divulged her money-making strategy in a video uploaded to her account, where she frequently shares tips and tricks for side hustles.

She explained that her side hustle only requires “the skills of a 12-year-old” and her phone. Grace highlighted: “People are out here overworking themselves for no reason.”

The seasoned side hustler revealed that she generates income through affiliate marketing, a method entails promoting products or services from other individuals or companies online, often through social media platforms.

If a person purchases a product after clicking on a link that you’ve shared, you earn a commission, which in turn, allows you to kick back and watch the money flow in.

Numerous companies, including Amazon, offer affiliate programs, with details typically available on their websites.

Grace mentioned that she acquired her knowledge of affiliate marketing by completing a two-week course, which cost her £5.

She acknowledged that initially, some work is required, but she noted that following the course, she managed to earn over £900 within the first week.

The TikToker also mentioned that she didn’t have a substantial social media following when she began her affiliate marketing journey, starting entirely from scratch.

Grace highlighted the flexibility of her approach, stating that if she needs to take a day off for her mental health, she can do so, explaining that “with passive income, the money will still flow in when I need a day off”.

The video, posted under the username @moneymakingwithgrace, has likely left many viewers impressed, garnering over 2.3 million views on the platform.

TikTok users rushed to the comments section to praise the clever side hustle and share their enthusiasm. One online user commented: “I need this side hustle in my life.” A second person added: “Please teach me!”

A third user said: “I’d love this side hustle, as I’ve got a baby on the way.”

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