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Style expert claims women over 50 ‘really need to own’ three specific items

There are plenty of options out there if you want to revamp your look. From skincare to makeup haircare to cosmetic procedures, women do not have to be content with growing old gracefully anymore.

According to fashion expert Deirdre, creator of 50 & Fabulous With My Friend Deirdre, women can look and feel better instantly by making better use of their wardrobes.

The influencer claimed that there are certain items women over 50 “really need to own” to make their lives “easier, simpler and leave more time for the really important things in life, like spending time with family and living life to the full”.

Luckily, most people will have these items of clothing in their closets already, so won’t have to go out on a huge shopping spree.

Deirdre’s first piece of advice for women over 50 was to focus on the basics. She said: “The foundations of any woman’s wardrobe are so important. It’s like building a house.

“You can’t have a great looking house, that won’t fall down, without solid foundations and it’s the same with style and getting dressed.

“Start with some classic, good-quality, cotton, breathable t-shirts, both long and short- sleeved and then, build the outfit on top!

“Plain, block-coloured tops in neutral shades are ideal as are Breton tops to up the style factor!”

As the weather gets chillier layers are essential, so pick out your favourite sweater. Deirdre stated: “A gorgeous cosy knit is all about the feel and comfort you get when you put it on. 

“Select one that’s in a colour, fit and fabric that makes you feel good and all nicely wrapped up! And, why not add additional warmth with a cosy cardigan on top?!”

When a cosy knit jumper or cardi just won’t cut it, pick out a classic wool coat that suits and flatters your body. It should be practical – but pretty too – especially as it’s going to be on show.

Deirdre said: “A fabulous long coat in a classic style is probably winter’s most important item to wear!

“A great coat can make even leggings or jogging pants look sleek and chic in the winter. And, after all, most of the time, the coat you wear is the item that is most often seen.”

As well as some great layering pieces, cosy sweaters and a classic wool coat, there’s another popular item women in middle age “need to own” – jeans. And according to Deirdre, there are three styles in particular that are “universally flattering”

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