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Sienna Miller shares anti-ageing skincare products she uses to ‘reverse damage’

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Sienna Miller has lifted the lid on her skincare routine and how she reversed damage to delay signs of ageing – including using a £1,999 laser device.

The 42-year-old star shared with Harper’s Bazaar in an interview and revealed what’s in her beauty bag. She admitted feeling “envious” of younger people who are taking care of their skin. 

She said: “People now are so clued up on taking care of their skin but when I was in my 20s, we’d just sort of go out all night and grab a wet wipe on the way to work and I look at young people now and I’m quite envious of the way that they’re taking care of their skin but you can reverse a lot of that damage with some of the treatments now.”

One of the at-home treatments that she really enjoys doing is the LYMA laser, which is proven to be hundred times more effective than LED and it’s able to penetrate every layer of the skin, into the fat and muscle tissue beneath with ultimate power

“This is really expensive but it’s really fantastic, it’s the LYMA laser and I was very fortunately given this and I think it really works, I really do. It’s quite nice to sit in front of the telly and just kind of rub it on your face with whatever product you have,” Sienna explained.

“They do make their own product as well but I should probably keep it in a little sock but anyway it’s in there [my beauty bag] and it works. I think if you can do a bit of laser and a bit of treatment as you get older, you can avoid filler and Botox. It’s nice to see people looking older but looking like themselves, otherwise it looks like you are wearing your insecurity and facing the world with that as opposed to celebrating the fact that it’s all heading south.”

It might be out of budget for most of us, but if you are looking for a LED therapy, CurrentBody’s LED mask, £299, does a good job to reduce fine lines and brighten complexion. Magnitone’s Face Rocket is a budget version to LYMA and it’s equipped with five different lights. You can save £30 on LookFantastic and get it for £119.99.

Next she took out something more affordable yet important in protecting against sun damage, which is Heliocare Colour Gelcream Light and it’s available on Amazon for £19.35.

She picked the tube with the lid missing and said: “Heliocare sunscreen with colour, it’s SPF factor 50 which obviously we should all be using, but apparently took me a while to catch on to that and it’s also a makeup. Their makeup is the best, the foundation is really, really good so it’s giving you a glow and doing something good for your skin.”

RMS Beauty’s Supernatural Radiance Tinted Serum offers a nice glow with skin-loving peptides and niacinamides and is on offer for £40.80 at SpaceNK.

To reduce fine lines and crow’s feet around her eyes, Sienna raved about the £42 The Outset Soothing Vitamin C Eye and Expression Lines Cream.

“This is Scarlett Johansson’s brand, this is eye cream,” she added. “Her products are so clean, obviously with my child raiding my entire cupboard constantly, it’s nice to have things that you know that she can use and won’t be damaging to her skin. I particularly love this eye cream, it works for me.”

Nip+Fab Vitamin C Fix Eye Cream 10%, £15.96, could be a budget-friendly alternative if you are new to using vitamin C.

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