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Shoppers say £21 anti-chafing shorts are ‘better than Spanx’ and ‘don’t roll’

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Dealing with thigh chafing can really ruin your summer mood; but shoppers have found a solution to prevent this problem and it’s been dubbed a “thigh saver”.

Forget about chafing sticks and make hot days more bearable with anti-rub underwear that feels comfortable all day long. Enter: Evelyn & Bobbies’ High-Waisted Longline Slip Shorts. These ‘must-have’ biker shorts, £21, are made from a four-way stretch fabric and feature a 100% cotton gusset that is “incredibly soft to touch”.

Designed to wear under skirts, dresses or trousers, the Slip Shorts have been hailed as “better than Spanx” and amassed more than 590 glowing reviews. One customer tested them out on a long-haul flight and shared: “I recently wore the Slip Short on a long flight. I discovered that this was not girdle like, but rather relaxed and comfortable. With several restroom visits there was no tug or difficulty pulling up the Slip Short. This product is great for travel.”

Another compared the Slip Shorts to Spanx and was impressed that they “didn’t roll”, saying: “I have tried several Spanx type thigh savers and while I thought I wanted tummy control, it was a walking roll party. These don’t roll, and better yet the fabric is so smooth and thin you can forget you are wearing them, which is a blessing in 90 degree weather.

“My only complaint is they were out of stock of the size and color I needed when I bought my bras so I am waiting on a sale to buy more. I wish there was like a three-pack discount or something.”

Other than anti-chafing benefits, the shorts are also great for smoothing you out under skirts and dresses. A shopper who called them a “dress must-have” detailed: “These are my go-to for wearing under dresses. I no longer worry about a skirt flipping up or sitting ‘wrong’.”

A third praised the soft material and added: “Perfect multifunctional shorts I’ve been looking for, good to wear to prevent thigh rubs, for belly support or on your period.”

But the Slip Shorts are probably not for everyone as one complained: “Too short for my 6’0″height (33″ inseam) and larger size (240 lbs, pear-shaped) – short rolled up in the legs right away. Also too short in the rise. May be a good product for those who have shorter legs, a shorter rise.”

If you are not a fan of wearing shorts, Evelyn & Bobbies also offers thong and retro bikinis in nude colours. These seamless pieces are perfect for when you are worried about your panty line showing underneath fitted clothing.

M&S is selling a two-pack of anti-chafe shorts for £20, but some shoppers aren’t impressed with them and said they “keep riding up”.

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