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Selena Gomez swears by this ‘magic’ makeup remover sold at Boots

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In a TikTok, she places the product on a rag and rubs it across her face, revealing the dark smudges it picks up.

She then squeezes the solution on a sponge and gently dabs it on her eyes to remove eyeliner and mascara.

The description on Boots’ website says the unscented product is made for sensitive skin.

“It deeply cleanses the face from impurities and pollution particles, and respects skin barrier, preventing skin sensitivity exacerbation.”

It has 4.6 out of 5 stars on the website.

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One reviewer said: “Great product- does what it says ! Best on market, and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin or eyes, but perfectly removes makeup at a good price.”

“As good as always, this has been my preferred micellar water for years. At this size and with the pump is extra convenient, specially if it is for more than one person.”

Another person, however, explains that they had an adverse reaction to the solution.

“I have never had an allergic reaction to any skincare product I’ve used before but this made my skin feel tight & uncomfortable. I’d heard it was really good & bought a huge bottle which i’m going to have to give away now.”

It can also be purchased on Amazon for about £15.

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