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Remove yellow stains from mattress fast using cheap grooming product

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You may notice your mattress yellowing in certain areas. There is a way to combat this though and make your mattress look pristine again.

You can achieve this with a cheap item that comes in a can that may be a part of your grooming routine. Over on TikTok, Rochielin, a content creator who focuses on home and lifestyle topics tried out the hack. It worked well for her, and it might do the job for you too.

In a video, she said: “Testing another life hack I found online. This one is for those sweat stains or peepee stains on your mattress. The solution is shaving cream.

“Yeah, that sounds weird right? I know. I picked this one up for very cheap, a little over a dollar at Walmart.

“But you can use any shaving cream really. You just spray it onto the spot, lather it, and leave it for a minimum of thirty minutes.

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People in the comment section left helpful comments on the hack.

“THE BEST HACK! I tried everything and this worked for me. Thank you!!!” one person exclaimed.

“Gonna try this hack!” another said.

With some insight into something else to try out, one person wrote: “I found shaving gel worked better for me than shaving cream.”

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