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Reagan movie trailer – Dennis Quaid stars as Ronald Reagan in epic new biopic | Films | Entertainment

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Over the years famous US Presidents are given the movie biopic treatment from Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln to Oliver Stone’s Nixon.

And now it’s Ronald Reagan’s turn in a film that charts his Hollywood career right into his 1980s presidency.

Dennis Quaid stars as the 40th Commander-in-Cheif, having previously played Bill Clinton in HBO movie The Special Relationship.

The 70-year-old is an Independent who has supported both Republican and Democrat candidates in the past, but says Reagan is his favourite president.

Reagan, which was shot in 2020 on a budget of $25 million, co-stars Penelope Ann Miller as Nancy Reagan and Jon Voight as Viktor Petrovich.

The first trailer for the biopic has landed including the following synopsis: “From dusty small-town roots, to the glitter of Hollywood, and then on to commanding the world stage, REAGAN is a cinematic journey of overcoming the odds. Told through the voice of Viktor Petrovich, a former KGB agent who followed Reagan’s ascent, Reagan captures the indomitable spirit of the American dream.”

Reagan hits US movie theatres on August 30, 2024 and a UK release date is TBC.

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