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Queen Camilla sparks royal fan frenzy over ‘unique’ coat during latest outing in Bath | Royal | News

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She also sported a Commemorative pin for the 850th anniversary of the St John’s Foundation.

Royal fans went ballistic over her coat, praising its unique colour.

One user wrote on X: “The coat is beautiful, and I love the colour pairing of that scarf and the pin” while another one agreed: “Definitely a unique colour, gorgeous coat.”

A third one said: “I think Queen Camilla looked smashing today, very classy and elegant.”

Meanwhile, another user on Instagram commented on the Queen’s outfit, saying: “Really nice coat. The colour suits her. I would buy one.”.

A second one added: “This coat looks nice and different!”

Camilla met some of the foundation’s residents during a visit to its almshouses in Bath city centre, where she chatted to a group housed by the charity over tea and cakes.

Camilla has been the foundation’s patron since 2009 and as she walked the short distance from the almshouses to Bath Abbey to attend a service, members of the public gathered to see her before she went on an impromptu walkabout, shaking hands and briefly chatting with well-wishers.

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