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Optical illusion shows whether you have a heart of gold or have commitment issues

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An optical illusion has amazed viewers as it claims it can determine if you are an optimist or pessimist when it comes to relationships.

This fun personality test is from a video by Mia Yilin, an optical illusion enthusiast who has shared that you need to stare at the picture for at least three seconds and decide what you first see.

The brainteaser has sparked debate online as you should see either a cat walking up a flight of stairs or walking downwards.

Whichever you see first could unveil how you view romance, and how much you trust the people around you.

In Mia’s comment section, people were astonished by their results as one user wrote: “It’s amazing how true this was for me”. Someone else said: “Girl had me on the spot; I’m actually scared.”

Cat walking up the stairs 

If you first saw a cat walking up the stairs, then you are a very compassionate person who often sees the best in people and is quite optimistic in your outlook.

You are fiercely loyal and would do anything for your partner, but you can sometimes be a little bit naive and gullible.

Mia said: “You often feel taken advantage of by those around you because you choose to see the best in others and will help them whenever you can.

“You’re the kindest person and will sacrifice your own well-being to make others happy.” Be careful not let anyone take advantage of your kind nature and take time for yourself rather than spending your time helping others.

Cat walking down the stairs

If you first saw the cat walking down the stairs, you are a smart but very cynical person who takes a while to trust those around you.

You are a very practical person and other people find it easy to get along with you as you are very easygoing and go out of your way to avoid petty drama or gossip.

Mia said: “People like telling you their secrets because they know they can trust you. When someone reaches out, you can immediately sense if they’re gonna ask something of you.

“You know how to protect yourself and like to hear the hard truth. It can be difficult for you to enjoy happy moments because you can’t stop thinking about how all good things must come to an end.”

You are someone who likes their own company and can find it very difficult to open up in a relationship as you do not want to have your heart broken.

However, taking the time to get to know people will give you more opportunities to meet new friends or even find the right person.

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